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Name's Alec!! I'm a college student trying to make the most of my life. This is my personal blog, enjoy!!

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But I did and that’s all that matters!! Grades and such are just dandy, I’m all packed up and my parents came and helped me move my stuff out, yada yada yada. Last thing this week is performing with my uni’s commencement band for graduation this Saturday. I get paid $50 for playing in the ensemble this weekend, and it’s just 2 rehearsals and a 3 hour performance. No big dealio.

So yup! I’ll be updating/posting regularly again, just like old times!! Lucky you, right?

  1. shadesofivory said: hey! I got home yesterday, datsswhasssup :) uhm, I sorta miss talking to you and stuff, so, it’s whatever, but yeah, okay, cool, alright, anyway.
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